digital therapy machine reveiws

digital therapy machine reveiws

Digital Therapy Machine Review

Digital Therpay Machine applicable diseases Indication stiff shoulder,and neural paralysis,neuralgia,shank ache,whole body fatigue,stomachache,bad cold,cernical vertebra neck ache,periarthritis,toothache,high blood pressure,low bood pressure,energy failure,weak sexual ability,irregular menstruation,various acute,let’s see what other peple are say this digital therapy machine.

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 davde says:

I love this acupuncture machine. I have had major back pain and after using this machine one time I felt really great, so I am looking forward to using it more often. You have to give it time and move it over the parts of you that are painful. It will do its job and you will notice the difference. It took away alot of my pain and after using it I felt overall totally relaxed. I love the different settings such as acupuncture, massage, etc. This machine is great for anyone with pain. The pads stick on just fine and is built in to stick so you don’t have to go out any buy any type of gel. Very lightweight and easy to use but effective! I love it!

silversliver says:

I’ve started to use it everyday to reduce my back pain. It is really relaxing. It is convinient and powerfull and the price is much lower comparing to same products here in Russia.

MarsahMacDonald says:

I have not yet used the unit, but a good freind in Singapore swears by it and says that it has healed him of his pain. The unit reminds me of a TENS unit, but I will have to try it to know how its function varies from that of TENS. The down side for me was that the instruction book is entirely written in Chinese.

encaste says:

I’m starting to use it as therapy for neck and back pain. Appears effective and relaxing, but fails to translate the instructions to Chinese without any Western language extended use (English, Spanish, or any other). Luckily Encontres translated online. Amazed at his good finish. Highly Recommended.

A. Weaver (MD, USA) says:

This helps back pain tremendously. It encourages healing and for muscle tissue to rebuild. Our chiropractor uses one, it is just a bigger, professional unit. Wonderful! I could not believe the price, great deal! A tip is to wipe the skin with alcohol pads first, that will help the pads keep their stickiness longer.

Nicusor Chirca says:

I have been reading and hearing so many good things about this type of devices. Please google “doctor bob beck protocol”. There is a lot of evidence, usually hidden and suppressed by various dark forces, that small amounts of pulsed electricity going through your body will help neutralize viruses in the blood stream, making them unable to attach to living cells and multiply, eventually being flushed out of the body. I have heard doctor Sota explain on Coast to Coast AM that weak and cancerous cells are cells which have a low electric potential, instead of being a minus 20mV (radiating electrons), they go down to 0mV and then on the plus scale to plus 20mV or so, which means the cell is now stealing electrons from its nearby cells and the body. He also said that inducing small amounts of electricity in the cancerous cells will turn them back to normal and that the body also needs voltage/electricity in order to create new cells and therefore regenerate. This device, perhaps along with proper nutrition and health supplements will also help heal wounds quicker. I can attest to this myself. I had cut myself working on my truck, a medium cut, it looked and felt rather serious when it happened. It healed noticeably quicker, with little to no scarring, even though I did not use anything on it except water and soap to clear the oil, grease and dirt a little; I am positive it was because I used this device. Once you turn on the device, if it turns on in Chinese, press the left button and it will switch to English. It can be used for “exercising” while you read a book, watch a movie and other things like that, if you can secure the electrodes and stay without moving much. It basically contracts your nearby muscles, on and off, different settings and levels of intensity that you control; and you get an work out like that. I also like that it can be used with 3 AAA (1.2V) rechargeable batteries . I like it a lot. I bought them cheap from ebay and if the device will operate for many hours, one can save money from not buying non rechargeable batteries and reduce waste. What I do not like and the reason I am taking a star off of my rating is that it does not use the standard TENS/EMS electrodes. These ones are more difficult to find and more expensive. The gel from their pads and their ability to stick to skin is greatly reduced after only a few uses, but this may be true for all pads, so I am looking to find/buy a product to replenish the gel on the pads, after a few uses. I haven’t used it for more than a few hours yet (total, not at a time) and if something happens in the future worth noting, good or bad, I will update my review. It does seem to make me feel more alive, give me a little more energy and if used on muscles will make them work and make them look somewhat bigger after, even with minimal use. If you never used a TENS/EMS unit before, if you try one this one, don’t get too frightened when you connect it to your body and turn on the electricity…. you will feel a jolt even at minimum setting… but you get used to it and may decide to turn up the intensity level later one, like I did…

There is another seller here on Amazon based in Hong Kong that sells this same device with a little upgrade. Unlike this model, that one has and extra port and can be connected directly to the mains line through a wall transformer (100-240 Volts to 5 Volts) which is a great and somewhat easy and logical upgrade.

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digital therapy machine reviews