Product Feature

Digital therapy machine  developed in accordance with theory of traditional Chinese meridians and vessels,electro biology,physics and modern microelectronic technology and in combination with abun-dant clinical practice,the product is also a family and individual health care therapeutic device of the most advanced,the highest application rate and the best effect on body reaction by combining seven therapeutically methods, including slow stoke, stroke,massage,acupuncture,scapping,cupping…

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Therapeutic theory

Digital therapy machine Retaining and swirling the acupuncture needle,the stimulus can have anti-inflammation and detumescence effect by in-hitting sympathetic nerve,dilating blood vessel,promoting blood circulation and strengthening phagocytes of vis-cous and the same time,high-energy pulse electronic currents can stimulate neuromuscle to extend and the resulting movement effect can effectively alleviate the fating and deal with paralysis and damage to peripheral nerve. Read more

Applicable Diseases

Therapy massager Indication stiff shoulder,and neural paralysis,neuralgia,shank ache,whole body fatigue,stomachache,bad cold,cernical vertebra neck ache,periarthritis,toothache,high blood pressure,low bood pressure,energy failure,weak sexual ability,irregular menstruation,various acute chronic.The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the output pulse sidth so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh , making you more satisfactory . Read more

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